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CAIRIBU Connect is a membership website restricted to investigators and other individuals from NIDDK-funded U54, P20, and K12 centers and programs affiliated with CAIRIBU.

If you are a member of CAIRIBU, please log in (see log-in prompts on the right-had side of the screen) to access the forums, messaging, meeting minutes, shared documents, and information about the annual meeting.

CAIRIBU is a consortium of NIDDK-funded research centers and programs whose overarching objective is to address the gaps in knowledge that exist related to the epidemiology, etiology, development, progression, and expression of benign urologic conditions, all of which contribute to inadequate clinical treatment. CAIRIBU includes the:

  • U54 George M. O’Brien Urology Cooperative Research Centers
  • P20 Exploratory Centers for Interdisciplinary Research in Benign Urology
  • Multidisciplinary Urologic Research (KURe) Career Development Programs (K12)
  • Urological Epidemiology (KUroEpi) Institutional Research Career Development Programs (K12)

If you are looking for the public-facing CAIRIBU website, please click here.

Recordings and other materials from the NIDDK workshop series on female urethral function and failure are available to workshop registrants

If you participated in any of these workshops, you may access these materials. Please contact Dr. Kristina Penniston at to receive log-in details. You may still register for the series – go here.

  • Session 1, 9/30/2020The Urethra: What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and Why It Matter? Speakers: Christine Loizou (patient); John Delancey, MD; and Jim Hokanson, PhD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 2, 10/07/2020The Urethra: Current Knowledge of Urethral Function in Health and Disease. Speakers: James Ashton-Miller, PhD; Gerard Sergeant, PhD; and Anna Kirby, MD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 3, 10/14/2020The Urethra: The Mucosal, Submucosal, and Sensory Aspects. Speakers: James Gillespie, PhD; Johanna Hannan, PhD; Hannah Ruetten, DVM/PhD student; and Margaret Mueller, MD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 4, 10/21/2020The Urethra: Neural Control and Integration. Speakers: Janet Keast, PhD; Claire Yang, MD; and Martin McKeown, MD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 5, 10/28/2020The Urethra: Technologies for Translation. Speakers: John Speich, PhD; Martin Cohn, PhD; and Ali Attari, PhD. This session also features a panel discussion on collaboration, including: James Ashton-Miller, PhD; Margot Damaser, PhD; Lynn Stothers, MD, MHSc; and John Speich, PhD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 6, 11/04/2020The Urethra: Lessons from Animals, Cells, and Children. Speakers: Margot Damaser, PhD; Sanjay Jain, PhD; and Stuart Bauer, MD
    • Materials…..
  • Session 7, 11/18/2020The Urethra: Current Therapies and Future Solutions. Speakers: Karl Thor, PhD; Lynn Stothers, MD, MHSc; Larissa Rodriguez, MD; and Janis Miller, PhD
    • Materials…..

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